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A Division Game Rules

The A division is non-competitive and developmental, designed to teach each player the fundamentals needed to play the game of baseball. An emphasis on FUN is a priority at this level. Scores will NOT be kept at this level. A score book can be used to track the batting order of each team. Players WILL be rotated at defensive positions, so all players share the infield and outfield evenly. 

Base coaches will consist of two adults (completed background checks required).



  • 9 players may play on the field (4 outfielders) 
  • Players should be in proper positions.
  • The player playing the pitcher's position must be even on the pitching rubber, with one foot on the grass and one foot on the dirt of the mound. 
  • The infield rule is NOT in effect. 
  • A coach will pitch the entire game – NO UNDER HAND
  • No catcher will be used. A coach will stand to the side and behind the batter to retrieve baseballs.



  • All players will be inserted into a continuous batting lineup. Any player arriving after the start of the game will be placed at the end of the lineup. A team is not penalized if a player has to leave early.



  • A coach will pitch the entire game.  – NO UNDER HAND PITCHING
  • Balls and strikes will not be called. Each batter gets a maximum of 3 swings or 6 pitches total. 
  • At this point, if a pitched ball has not been put in play, a tee will be used.



  • During the week, players are expected to be at the field by 5:45 pm. No inning can start after 7:45 pm. 
  • On weekends, games are limited to a 2-hour time limit. 
  • Only the flex or soft baseball will be used.


  • Parents and coaches will complete and sign a Code of Conduct agreement with the league. 
  • Sportsmanship is the name of the game!! 
  • Coaches, please remember the game is to teach the kids, NOT your win/loss record!!


  • NO stealing is allowed at this level. 
  • On hits into the outfield, once the throw from the outfield reaches the infield skin, base runners must be held at the base they are going to. Players may not advance an extra base on overthrows regardless of where the throw ends up. 
  • If a ball is being thrown in from the outfield, DO NOT wave the runner home that has not reached third base.


  • All players will stay in dugout unless playing in the field or hitting at the plate. No player is allowed in a “on deck” circle. 
  • No player shall swing a bat other than at the plate. 
  • No coach or player shall be in the field of play with any type of hard or soft cast. 
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