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Majors Division Game Rules

  1. All official Little League Rules, Regulations and Policies will be followed unless clarified or altered below. These clarifications and alterations shall be known as “house rules.”  Official rules: Little League Rules, Regulations, and Policies

  1. Teams play 9 defensive players, 3 of which must be outfielders.  All outfielders must play from a starting position in the outfield grass – no additional infielders allowed. You can play with 8 defensive players if needed.  You may also use the players that made the last two outs from the opposing team to play outfield defense.
  1. If a player leaves any base and returns to the dugout after being called “safe”, the player will be called out for leaving the base.
  1. A team will have completed their at bats when:

a.   Three (3) outs have been made.
b.     The following run rules apply: Fifteen (15) run lead after 3 innings, ten (10) run lead after four innings and eight (8) run lead after five innings applies to Division play.   
*There is no 5-run rule in Majors division

  1. Continuous batting order is in effect.  All players hit regardless of whether they are playing in the field when their turn in the order comes up.  No player shall be on the bench more than two (2) innings unless needed due to injury or illness.
  1. Bunting is permitted.
  1. Stealing is permitted once the pitched ball crosses home plate.
  2. Dropped 3rd strike AND infield fly rules apply in Majors.
  1. For safety reasons, there is no on-deck area and batters must stay in the dugout until they’re up to bat. Only the player at-bat may have a bat in their hands. No holding or swinging bats in or near the dugout. No exceptions.
  1. No new inning may start after 1 hour, 45 minutes from start of game.   
    FALL-BALL: Game will have a 1 hour, 45 minute hard stop. The current batter may finish their at-bat. If the home team didn’t get their last at bat, the score reverts to the last full inning played.
  1. The pitching distance for kids is 46 feet - no exceptions. For safety reasons, if a kid cannot pitch from a distance of 46 feet, a different player shall be brought into pitch. 
  1. No coaches will be on the field of play during live game action.
  2. Each team should have a 1st and 3rd base coach.  AAA players shall not be used as base coaches.
  1. It is the responsibility of the coaches to keep the pace of play moving.  Coaches should have their defensive team in place and ready to play within 1 minute of the last out.
  2. Pitchers who are not new to the game will get 3 warm up pitches prior to the start of an inning.  New pitchers will be allowed more.
  1. With two outs, teams may request a courtesy runner for their catcher.  The player that made the last out shall be the courtesy runner.  This is intended to speed up the pace of play and allow catcher extra time to put on their gear.
  1. Pitch counts must be kept and logged.  All official Little League pitching rest guidelines must be followed. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Kids may not pitch twice in the rare occurrence of a double-header. See Liverpool Little League Pitch Count Guidelines. 

For days of rest calculations, the amount of pitches the pitcher started their last batter at shall be used. Example: a pitcher who starts a batter at pitch 65 would require three (3) days rest. A pitcher who starts a batter at pitch 66 would require four (4) days rest.
FALL-BALL: For developmental and rest purposes, no pitcher may pitch more than fifty (50) pitches during a game. Pitcher may finish the batter if fifty (50) pitches is reached during an at-bat. 

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