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AA Division Game Rules

  1. All official Little League Rules, Regulations and Policies will be followed unless clarified or altered below. These clarifications and alterations shall be known as “house rules.”  Official rules: Little League Rules, Regulations, and Policies
  3. Teams may play 10 defensive players, 4 of which must be outfielders.  All outfielders must play from a starting position in the outfield grass (or an equivalent distance at Route 31 field) – no additional infielders allow. You can play with less than 9 defensive players if needed.  You may also use the players that made the last two outs from the opposing team to play outfield defense.
  4. If a player leaves any base and returns to the dugout after being called “safe”, the player will be called out for leaving the base.
  5. A team will have completed their at bats when:
    1. Three (3) outs have been made
    2. Three (3) runs have been scored.
    3. The Three (3) Run Rule applies to the first five innings only. For the sixth inning, runs are not limited and play stops when three outs are made.
    4. The following run rules apply: Ten (10) Run Rule lead after four innings applies to Division play.
  6. Continuous batting order is in effect.  All players hit regardless of whether they are playing in the field when their turn in the order comes up.  No player shall be on the bench more than two (2) innings unless needed due to injury or illness.
  7. Batters get 3 strikes or 4 balls when kids are pitching.  Batters get 3 strikes when coaches are pitching but walking and first base awarded on a hit by pitch is not permitted when coaches pitch.
  8. Batter/runners can take second base on well hit balls into the outfield.  A ground ball that rolls through the legs of the shortstop and centerfielder is not a well hit ball. The ball should make it to the outfield grass on one hop or less to constitute a double.
  9. Baseball is a dead ball once it reaches the infield dirt – runners are not allowed to take additional bases once the ball reaches the infield.
  10. Bunting is NOT permitted.
  11. Stealing is NOT permitted.
  12. NO dropped 3rd strike rule in AA and NO Infield fly rule.
  13. For safety reasons, there is no on-deck area and batters must stay in the dugout until they’re up to bat. Only the player at-bat may have a bat in their hands. No holding or swinging bats in or near the dugout. No exceptions.
  14. No new inning may start after 1 hour, 45 minutes from start of game.
    14a. FALL LEAGUE ONLY: Game will have a 1 hour, 45-minute hard stop. The current batter may finish their at-bat. If the home team doesn't get their last at bat, the score reverts to the last full inning played.
  15. Kids should pitch the first two (2) innings of the game and coaches should pitch the last four (4) innings of the game.  Prior to the game, head coaches of each team may discuss and decide if they wish to modify kid and coach pitch inning counts to 3 kid pitch and 3 coach pitch, depending upon the availability of kids capable of pitching.
  16. Coaches pitch to their own team.
  17. Kids are limited to pitching one (1) inning per game per calendar day.  Once they start an inning, they are considered to have pitched the entire inning even if removed before the completion of the inning. Kids may not pitch twice in the rare occurrence of a double-header.
  18. The pitching distance for kids AND coaches will either be 40 or 46 feet.  No exceptions. Kid who can pitch effectively from the standard mound (46 feet) will pitch from that distance.  Others are allowed to move up to 40 feet, which is the base of the portable mound. For safety reasons, if a kid cannot pitch from a distance of 40 feet, a different player shall be brought in to pitch.  Also for safety considerations, coaches are not permitted to pitch from their knees or a distance closer than 40 feet.
  19. Other than a coach pitching, no coaches will be on the field of play during live game action.
  20. Each team should have a first and third base coach.  AA players shall not be used as base coaches.  If a AAA or Majors player is a base coach, they shall wear a helmet while on the field. 
  21. Coaches are responsible for umpiring the games unless the host site provides an umpire. The team that is in the field for that half inning provides umpire for that inning.
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